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Collaborative Accounting Services

Collaborative Accounting ServicesWe participate in the team approach of collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce allows the parties to team up with their attorneys, a neutral mental health counselor, and either one neutral CPA or two separate CPAs independently working with each party. The parties commit to avoid litigation and agree to participate in a series of meetings to resolve their personal and financial matters in a settlement format.

We provide services as either the neutral accountant or in some cases we will be hired to work for one party only. Our firm can prepare the financial affidavits and organize the production of documents and make them available in our online document system to all the team members and the parties. As the settlement process moves forward we can formulate scenarios based on both spouses positions while working toward a mutually agreeable settlement.

The collaborative process allows for settlement without the financial and emotional costs of a trial. It is our belief that a solution arrived at by the parties that focuses on the best interest of their family is far better than the solution arrived at by even the best judge who, in the limited court time available, is only provided a glimpse of the key items related to the litigation.

Have your collaborative attorney contact us to see how we can best provide you with the services needed to complete your case economically and efficiently.