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Business Valuation

A business or business interest is an asset that needs to be carefully analyzed in order to determine its value, whether for distribution between two parties in a divorce proceeding, valuation for a prenuptial agreement or for estate and estate transfers. As Florida CPAs, all valuations we do are in compliance with the American Institute of CPAs’ Statement on Standards for Valuation Services.  These standards require that business valuators consider the relevant facts and circumstances surrounding in business, as well as the three different approaches for valuing a business.  Based on our analysis, we determine which methods are appropriate in arriving at a conclusion of value.  An often significant factor which can impact the amount of martial value is the issue of personal goodwill.  We have experience in presenting and defending our valuation opinions in various courts. 

Many cases are able to settle at mediation before they reach trial.  Understanding the fair market value of a business can be a major factor in reaching an agreeable resolution prior to trial.

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Business valuation services:

  • Purchase or sale of a business
  • Divorce and marriage dissolution
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Estate planning and taxes
  • Business interruption claims
  • Economic damages