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Divorce Accounting and Litigation Services

britt-office.jpgOur family law forensic accounting services are designed to help you, our client, with the financial aspects of your dissolution of marriage, paternity, or other family law litigation. We start by preparing an analysis of your family's personal finances in order to determine the services needed and how they can be provided in the most economical fashion.

At the beginning of each family law case there are financial affidavits and mandatory production which need to be completed. We believe that the financial affidavit is a very important part of the case for many reasons. When properly prepared it provides the base information for the equitable distribution and support aspects of your case. In addition, it is most likely to be the first impression the court has of your family finances.

If you are the spouse that needs to be educated about the family finances we will review our work with you so that you understand the financial aspects of your case. We accomplish this goal in order to assist you in the analysis of a reasonable settlement. Settlement allows the family to retain more of its resources, retaining the money that would otherwise be consumed in the process of preparing for and appearing in court for trial.

You can be instrumental in helping your litigation progress as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Gather all documents requested as quickly as possible and in as organized a fashion as you are able. Inform us of all financial information you have about your family finances and the financial activities of your spouse. Regardless of the duration of your marriage you have observed and discussed finances with your spouse, when in doubt share that information with us so we can determine if it is needed for your case. This is your case and the more involved you are, the better you will understand the process and the outcome.

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